November 27nd, 2009

Yuan Xing Photoshoot


Idea behind the shoot was to newspaper the walls and have a young innocent woman reacting to the tragedies of everyday suffering happening in the world. Overwhelmed and helpless, we tried to convey emotion through photographic stills.


November 22nd, 2009

Lisa Piano Photoshoot


This was backlit with Lovalight, tones adjusted in Photoshop CS4


May 10th, 2009

Mother's Day Photoshoot



January 31st 2009

Black Water Ranch Photoshoot with John Cameron

This Saturday, I had the incredible pleasure of meeting John and his family on his ranch out in Cleveland, Texas. John has been working with horses since he was 14 years old and currently runs a ranch with his wife and two kids. I spent the day with them taking pictures of riding lessons and John training his horses. Click the following picture to view the gallery; it will be continuously updated as I process the batch of over 1000 photos.